English Teacher
Manila, Philippines

About the Company

Speakagora is an early stage English language learning startup based in New York, NY. Our customers are middle class working people in Brazil who want to learn to speak conversational English. Our goal is to have an overall positive impact on the lives of working class Brazilians, by providing them with an affordable education, while also providing positive and beneficial employment opportunities to our Filipino employees.


We are market testing our idea and want to see if it’s possible for an untrained English-speaking person to successfully teach a Brazilian, remotely, how to speak English. You will literally be our first employee!

  • Work on Brazilian time
  • Follow a non-formal English language curriculum, which will be provided to you
  • Speak English conversationally with students over Skype
  • Access students and provide feedback on their progress
  • Encourage students to keep learning and keep practicing
  • Provide reports back to us on student progress
  • While not teaching classes, complete administrative tasks as requested


  • Strong accent-free English conversation skills
  • A good understanding of written English (for following the curriculum)
  • Access to the Internet in a quiet, reliable place, where you can hold classes with students over Skype
  • A fun personality, the ability to teach others and the ability to interact openly with others!

Hours and Term

  • Compensation is competitive
  • Hours: You must be available 1pm Sao Paulo (12am Manila) time until 10pm Sao Paulo (9am Manila) time each weekday
  • This is a limited contract for 1 month, which may be extended if the pilot is successful and at our sole discretion
  • If the program is successful, your contract will be extended and you will receive a cash bonus in addition to your regular pay

How to Apply

  • Submit a resume
  • Write a brief description of your level of education and, specifically, your English-language proficiency
  • Write a brief description of how and where you will access the Internet during the overnight hours
  • Tell us what you like to do for fun, when you’re not working, so we can get to know you!

If selected, you’ll be required to complete a phone interview.

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